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NEW EP  'Me, You, This World'


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Born in a tiny fisherman’s town, Spanish songwriter Leire (/LAy/ reh/) seems to carry the sea salt with her as she emerges onto the music scene with new single ‘Waterfall’. London based, her raspy yet emotive vocals busking in Leicester Square brought her all the way to sharing the stage with Tom Walker, Rag’n’Bone Man, Gang of Youths, Jake Bugg and Travis for The Worlds Big Sleep Out. A childhood of country music in the car led her to bring Taylor Swift’s melody lines and storytelling into her songwriting. Followed and mixed up with Lewis Capaldi’s emotive pop influence and Charlotte Lawrence’s mellowness and electronic pinch. She signed to Agapein Producciones SL at the age of 19 and released an album behind the stage name LeAnn Wilde.


In April 2020, she debuted as Leire with ‘What We’ve Got’, a song that describes the pandemic situation and relationships in this period of time, bringing up the positive side of it. In July, she presented her second single 'Box Of Chesterfield', a song about anxiety. In the very beginning of the new year she'll release her 3rd single 'Waterfall' a song about equality and diversity. Leire’s first EP, named 'Me, You, This World', is our now, where she puts together songs that “tell the truth about society”.

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Square Stage
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